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The Passenger may carry a package as hand luggage with amaximum weight of 6 kilos and the dimensions cannot exceed 45x35x25cm.


If the baggage exceeds the amount at the boarding gate,weight and / or measures indicated above, will be withdrawn and billed, transporting in the hold of the plane,being able to have an extra cost according to the ticket fare purchased.

Objects that can be used as weapons (scissors with blades that exceed 6cm from the shaft, cutter, animal repellent sprays, etc.) or others that are included in Dangerous goods and prohibited items on board.

In addition, limitations on liquid transport must be met.

•In containers with a100ml maximum capacity;and up to a limit of 10 containers (Máx. 1L) in a bag with measures up to 20x20, transparent and hermetic.

- Liquids that must be consumed on board by medical needs, although they must be accompanied by the medical documentation or corresponding medical certificate attesting that need, it is also advisable to accompany it with the original packaging

- Liquid or semi-solid infant foods will be allowed, being recommended that they be with your original packaging.

For more information consult Regulation 820/2008.

Yes. It is allowed to transport power banks with the following conditions

• Transported in thehand luggage

•Untiltwo batteries with a maximum power of 160WH each.

All other replacement lithium batteries are subject to the same conditions. For more information click here.

The maximum free weight allowed is 23 kg. Checked luggage must have adequate packaging,so that it cannot cause damage to other luggage or to the structure of the aircraft. Any extra kilogram will entail an additional cost that will be paid by the Passenger at the airport, provided that it is previously admitted on the flight.You can only bill a maximum of 9kg of extra luggage per suitcase.

A passenger You can never carry more than 50kg.

For babies (Infant), the maximum free weight allowed is 8kg.

If you exceed 23 kilos, this service has an extra cost per kilo that varies according to the route:

• Gran Canaria – Tenerife: 0.83 €/KG

• Tenerife – La Palma: 0.87 €/KG

• Gran Canaria – Fuerteventura: 0.9 €/KG

• Tenerife – El Hierro: 0.9 €/KG

• Gran Canaria – Lanzarote: 1.05 €/KG

• Tenerife – Fuerteventura: 1.22 €/KG

• Tenerife – Lanzarote: 1.28 €/KG

All flights in connection 1.49 €/KG

It is recommended not to include fragile, valuable or perishable items, since the company cannot accept legal responsibility for them, So it is advised to transport it as hand luggage.

If you wish to transport valuable items we recommend you to make a billing of declared value. For more information we refer you to Declared value luggage

explosive and incendiary substances and devices are prohibited that may threaten the safety of the aircraft, such as:

• Lithium batteries.

• Weapons items (ammunition, gunpowder, fuze, etc.).

• Fireworks and other pyrotechnic items.

• Smoke canisters and smoke generating cartridges.

• Gas cylinders (small butane cylinders for camping, etc.).

• Flammable liquids (paints, lighter loads, etc.).

• The transport of dangerous goods and prohibited items on board is prohibited.

Dangerous goods and prohibited items on board

It is recommended that baby strollers be delivered at the foot of the plane as a precaution to avoid any damage to this type of luggage. To do this you must comment when you check your luggage at the check-in desk.

Special equipment includes sports equipment and musical instruments.

The steps to follow are those:

• Make the request through the Call Center or at the sales offices at the airport with a minimum of 48 hours prior to flight departure.

•Special luggage must be correctly packed, labeled and protected.

• You must show up at the airport with a120 minutes minimum noticeupon departure.

Passengers carrying sports luggage benefit from an additional 5 kg extra free. Therefore, you can transport for free up to 28kg.

If you exceed 28 kilos, this service has an extra cost per kilo that varies according to the route:

• Gran Canaria – Tenerife: 0.83 €/KG

• Tenerife – La Palma: 0.87 €/KG

• Gran Canaria – Fuerteventura: 0.9 €/KG

• Tenerife – El Hierro: 0.9 €/KG

• Gran Canaria – Lanzarote: 1.05 €/KG

• Tenerife – Fuerteventura: 1.22 €/KG

• Tenerife – Lanzarote: 1.28 €/KG

All flights in connection 1.49 €/KG

You must go to the Check-in counter at least 3 hours in advance before the scheduled departure of your flight, to be able to carry out the corresponding procedures.

You will be asked to open the luggage on which you wish to make the declaration of value, being an indispensable requirement for the formalization of the corresponding document.

The cost of this service will be 15% of the declared amount and you will have to pay it as excess baggage at the Canaryfly sales office at the airport.

The minimum valuation of the object must exceed the amount of € 400 / unit. The maximum value declaration limit per passenger cannot exceed € 2,000.


Items are not accepted as declared value

•Fragile (electronic devices, cameras, samples or pieces of art, eye or vision devices, etc.).

• Valuable (precious metals, family heirlooms, etc.).

• Valuable documentation (business documents, passports, negotiable securities, shares, etc.).

• Perishables

• Special packages that involve limited edition treatment.

Yes, you can hire the contra Seat Baggage - Extra ’service for

Baggage that, due to its value or fragile nature, is transported in the cabin, using or occupying additional seat / s (musical instruments, works of art, jewelry, etc.).

You must make the reservation of the extra seat together with the reservation of the trip at least 48 hours before the flight departure, either in the Sales Office or through the Call Center, informing about the nature of the object, its weight and dimensions. These types of services are subject to space and prior authorization of the company.

The maximum weight limit is 75kg per reserved seat.

Its cost will be that corresponding to the rate you should pay if you occupy such seat / s on the way, applicable at the time of booking the additional seat.

Overweight passengers, you must request the service at the time of buying your ticket both at the Call Center and at our airport sales offices.

First of all, we thank you for the trust you have placed in us and we ask our sincerest apology for the incident.

Report that normal baggage handling may result in dents, scratches,stains or handles and broken wheels. Canaryfly is not responsible for them.

If you discover other types of major damage to your luggage or your luggage has been lost, report it immediately:

1. Before leaving the baggage claim area contact Canaryfly staff or the staff present there.

2. At the same time, you must formalize a part of irregularity in writing (P.I.R.)which is an essential requirement to record the incident and be processed by the company.

3. Customer Service will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

The liability in relation to lost and / or damaged luggage of any airline is strictly limited to the provisions of the Montreal Convention.

For more information consult theTransportation Contract.

If the Passenger has not opened the P.I.R it will be presumption, unless proven otherwise, of that they have been delivered in good condition.

In the absence of P.I.R. All actions against the carrier will be inadmissible.

For more information consult theTransportation Contract.

From past the first 24 hours from the date it should have been delivered until 21 days.

For more information consult theTransportation Contract.


Documentation for national Canarian residents:

- Over 14 years:

• ID or passport not necessarily in force; or

• Driving license issued in Spain.

- Children under 14 are exempt, being responsible the person with whom he makes the trip.


If the Canarian residence is not verified, The passenger must prove their status as a Canary resident at the time of check-in and / or boarding with:

Certificate of Residence for Travel, issued by the City Council where he resides.

ID or valid passport.

Los under 14 years who do not have an ID, they must only present the Certificate of Residence for Travel

Check if it is an error in the introduction of your personal data. If so, get in touch with us through the 928 01 85 00 to make changes to your ticket. If you realize the error in the airport go to the Canaryfly sales office.

What is the documentation necessary to prove the current residence?

UE-Schengen they must present the Certificate of Residence for Travel, issued by the City Council where they reside, accompanied by the valid ID or Passport. The minors For 14 years who do not have a DNI, they must only present the Certificate of Residence for Travel issued by their City Council.

National relatives of third countries who are beneficiaries of the right of residence or the right of permanent residence and national citizens of third countries long-term residents. They must present the Certificate of Residence for Travel, issued by the City Council where they reside, accompanied by the EU citizen's family member's residence card or the long-term residence card with photo. In the event that the residence card does not have a photograph, the Passenger must also present a document proving their identity.

• Los Deputies and Senators must present their credential of the corresponding chamber and ID.

For more information consult Royal Decree 1340/2007 of October 11, which modifies Royal Decree (EC) 1316/2001.

National Citizens:

- Over 14 years:

• ID or passport not necessarily in force; or

• Driving license issued in Spain.

- Under 14 years old they are exempt, being responsible the person with whom he makes the trip.

EU / Schengen citizens

The necessary documentation will be:

• Valid passport or identity document not necessarily in force; or

• Spanish residence permit or one of the Schengen States in force; or

• Driving license issued in Spain.

Non-EU citizens

The necessary documentation will be:

• Valid passport or travel document in force; or

• Residence permit Spanish or one of the Schengen States in force with photo; or

• Driving license issued in Spain.

You must present before boarding theoriginal or a certified copy of the member certificate of a large family that accredits them as such, issued by their Autonomous Community.

The bonus applied will be based on the type of large family:

General Large Family (Type I): 5% bonus on the amount of the rate.

Special Large Family (Type II): 10% bonus on the amount of the rate.

If you cannot prove your status as a Large Family you will not be able to use your ticket and you will have to buy another one, with the fare that is available, if you want to fly at that time.

For more information consult Order FOM / 3837/2006 of November 28, RD 1621/2005 of December 30 and its successive reforms.

In case of loss or theft of Documentation, the complaint before the State Security Forces and Bodies will not be valid proof that proves the identity of the passenger therefore I could not fly with Canaryfly.

Joven. Under 30 years of age at the date of flight departure.

Universitario. With a valid University Card or registration for the current year.

Deportistas. With a valid Sports Federation Card or document proving membership of the Federation. Senior Over 60 years on the date of flight departure.

Senior. Over 60 years on the date of flight departure.

Boarding Pass and Online Check-in

Check-in service on our website or App. 72 hours before and up to 30 minutes before flight departure.

Canaryfly check-in counters. 2 hours before and closes 30 minutes before flight departure

Note that:

• After check-in, it is essential that you arrive at the boarding gate 20 minutes before the flight departure time.

• Check that you carry the necessary documentation and that your identity corresponds to that of your boarding pass, Otherwise Canaryfly may deny you the trip.

• Give peace of mind.

• You save time by avoiding long lines at the airport.

• You can present your boarding pass directly from your mobile.

Yes, when you check-in through:

La página web, You will receive an email with the boarding pass in format:


• Bidi code

• PassBook/PassWallet

La App, You will directly have your boarding pass in the application itself.

Of course. If you have made the Check-in and need to check luggage, you should go to the check-in desks of the company,always before the 30 minutes prior to the flight departure.

Yes, get in touch with us through the 928 01 85 00 to make the changes

If you realize the errorin the airport go to the Canaryfly sales office.

Special needs

Each person has unique needs. For this reason it is very important that you notify us as early as possible indicating the type of need for us to help you.

• Passengers traveling in a wheelchair

• Passengers with vision and / or hearing difficulties

• Passengers with plastered limbs

• Passengers with intellectual disabilities

• Passengers who need to travel on a stretcher

• Passengers who need to travel with oxygen on board

• Passengers depending on guide dog or emotional support

In order to travel without a companion, a Passenger with special needs must be able to:

• Tie and unfasten your seat belt.

• Put on lifejacket without help.

• Put on the oxygen mask without help.

• Understand the safety instructions and follow the information provided in all accessible formats.

You must request it withat least 48 hours in advance, except if you need to travel on a stretcher that you will have to do at least in the 72 hours prior to the flight departure, through:

• Call Center 928 01 85 00

•Canaryfly Sales Offices at airports.

• Your Travel Agency

To know the steps to follow if you need to travel on a stretcher click here.

We always advise to appear at the airport two hours before of the flight departure.We recommend that you contact the airport a few days before to set a time for the meeting.If you have not done so, at airports they usually present specifically designated areas where they can directly contact the assistance staff that will guide you throughout the process.

You can also go directly to the Canaryfly check-in counters, and weWe will notify the helpdesk for you.

The airport assistance staff will accompany you at all times: from Check-in at the check-in counter to your seat on the plane.

Canaryfly establishes a minimum of 72 hours before to make the request for the stretcher service through:

• Call Center 928 01 85 00

• Canaryfly Sales Offices at airports.

• Your Travel Agency

It is essential the presence of a passenger companion requesting the service, who will carry out the billing procedures and inform the assistance staff of the presence of the passenger on a stretcher. Therefore, you must hire a total of 7 seats:

• 6 will be occupied by the stretcher

• 1 for your companion

On the day of the flight you will have to show up at the airport with a minimum advance of 2 hours at the departure of the flight,and once there, your companion will contact the support staff.Do not forget to provide the relevant medical authorization.

Before flying you need to haveAt least 24 hours have passed since the Passenger has been cast as the pressurization of the cabin can cause a swelling that is higher than normal and can cause the plaster to deform.

Seats that you must reserve according to your condition

Plaster passenger from waist up. You will only need a seat to travel.

Plastered passenger from the waist down. You will need to reserve two seats to travel.

Yes, the guide dog is considered valid companion for the blind and / or physically disabled traveling alone. The transport of a guide or emotional support dog is a totally free service, and the animal " may travel in the cabin or in the hold at the passenger's choice .

You must request it at least 48 hours before departure of the flight through:

• Call Center 928 01 85 00

• Canaryfly Sales Offices at airports.

• Your Travel Agency

The medical supplies or vital medicines that the Passenger must carry with them as hand luggage must comply with the regulatory measures of hand luggage and be accompanied by the corresponding medical documentation or medical certificate that proves that need, it is also advisable to accompany it with the original packaging.

Passengers traveling with controlled substances and / or injectable substances are advised to bring a letter / prescription from the doctor confirming the substance data and its intended uses, as it may be required by the Security Personnel at the airport.

Yes, taking into account the following indications:

Until week 32 (inclusive). You can travel without providing any medical certificate.

From week 33 or if you have a risky pregnancy. You must provide a medical certificate attesting to your ability to travel and the signature of the Disclaimer.

According to IATA, it is not recommended to fly in the seven days before or after the expected date of delivery.

Yes, provided that at least one of the babies is over 18 months of age.

The younger baby should be sitting on top of the adult and the second baby(con más de 18 meses de edad) occupy a seat attached to the adult making use, if necessary, of a child restraint system, special chairs, etc..

It is necessary to travel with the family book and the valid residence certificate for travel issued by the corresponding city council.

Cots, chairs and baby carriages must be billed for transfer in the aircraft hold. We recommend that you take the cart to the foot of the track at the check-in counter and before boarding it will be picked up by the coordinating staff.

You can also carry a baby basket for free.

For more information on how to transport baby carriages clickhere.

It will be considered a child from 2 years (inclusive) to 11 years(inclusive) on the date of the flight. They will not be able to travel in emergency exit seats.

From 2 to 4 years (inclusive). You may not travel alone or hire the Unaccompanied Minors Service (UM).

5 to 11 years old (inclusive). In order to travel, it is only mandatory to hire our Unaccompanied Minors Service (UM) through the Call Center or at the airport sales office.

From 12 years old You can travel alone, although it is possible to hire the Unaccompanied Minors Service (UM).

This service consists of the accompaniment by Canaryfly staff on boarding, during the flight and on arrival at the destination. The minors will be under the attention of Canaryfly staff. This service is mandatory for children between the ages of 5 and older (up to 11 years old)(inclusive) traveling alone. However, it may also be requested at the option of the parent or guardian for minors from 12 years of age.

The adult who delivers it will do so to Canaryfly's billing staff, filling in and signing the corresponding document in advance..

This service carries an additional cost to the ticket price of € 30 each way.

The adult responsible for the minor must keep in mind that:

1. You must accompany the child at the airport of departure and present at least two hours before the departure of the flight in order to complete the Disclaimer document, providing your data, as well as those of the person who will receive the child upon arrival.

2. You must deliver at the time of invoicing the documentation of the child that must consist of:

- Ticket with confirmed reservation for the entire trip.

- Disclaimer duly completed, with the contact details of the person / s who will receive the child.

- Passport and visas, if necessary, and any other additional documentation.

- Authorization of the parent / guardian, together with a photocopy of the ID of the person who authorizes, to be picked up by our staff at the airport (only when the person delivering the minor is neither the parent / guardian).

3. You should not leave the airport until the plane takes off.

4. Canaryfly staff will take care of the child from the moment the flight embarks, at the Passenger Terminal, with the completed documentation and billing, accompanying the plane,and deliver it to the flight crew, who will conveniently accommodate it on board, in a seat designated for safekeeping and care.

5. Canaryfly staff will receive you on arrival, delivering it to the authorized person (s) in the Disclaimer Document at the Passenger Terminal of the airport. This authorized person / s must prove their identity by presenting their ID / Passport.

6. The adult who takes care of the child at the airport of arrival must identify the company's staff in order to pick up the child, acreditando su identidad, and sign the disclaimer document.

Yes, in Canaryfly we accept the transport of certain pets both in the:

Cabin (PETC).Up to 8 kg including the animal and the carrier that must have maximum dimensions of45x35x25 cm.

Cellar (AVIH). With more than 8 kg the pet is considered AVIH and must travel in the hold.The transport of an AVIH must be approved and rigid and waterproof.

Cabin transport will be rejected (PETC) of all the animals that due to their special characteristics (bad smell, sanitary state, hygiene or violent behavior) could be annoying for the rest of the passage.

The transport of an animal must be authorized by the company, therefore, you must request it through the Call Center or at the sales office at the airport before the departure of the flight. However, we recommend making a reservation for the pet as soon as possible, since there are limitations in the acceptance of the flight and it is necessary to carry out the corresponding procedures.

At the airport you must:

• Provide the vaccination card with rabies vaccine in force. If the animal has not reached 3 months, a veterinary certificate of the animal will also be valid.

• Fill out a Disclaimer.

• Pay the corresponding amount.

We transport certain pets such as:

• Dogs*,

• Cats*,

• Ferrets,

• Invertebrates (except bees and crustaceans),

• Tropical Tropical Fish,

• Amphibians,

• Reptiles,

• Birds (all species except poultry),

• Mammals (such as rodents and domestic rabbits).

We advise you to contact the company, through the Call Center or at the sales office at the airport, to reserve your pet's place as soon as possible as there are limitations in their acceptance on the flight.

*See question 7.Can I travel with my brachycephalic animal?

No this absolutely forbidden take the animals out of the transport.

Yes, it entails a cost where your animal is transported:

En cabin (PETC). 10€ /trayecto.

In warehouse (AVIH). 25€/trayecto.

• The animal must be transported in adequate hygienic conditions.

• The transport must be in good condition. The passenger must ensure that the lock is in optimal condition that prevents the animal from leaving.

• Food or drink containers should be covered, to prevent their contents from spilling.

• The cage / container must be transported on the ground, placing it between the passenger's feet or under his seat. It is forbidden to transport it in the seat attached to that of the Passenger or on the legs.

• If the animal is transported in the cabin, the passenger must take care of it at all times, answering for any problems they may cause.

• If your dog weighs more than 20 kg or belongs to the breeds of potentially dangerous animals, he must wear a muzzle.

Yes, within each trasportín several small animals can go as long as they are of the same species and the animals can move naturally.

In the case of dogs and cats, no more than 2 per container, from 8 weeks to 6 months of age, with a comparable size between animals, provided that it does not exceed the overall allowed weight(8kg).

Brachycephalic animals are those flat-nosed animals (such as dogs and cats) that are not hot-weather animals and have difficulty regulating normal body temperature in hot climates.

These animals will only be transported in the cabin, therefore, you will not be able to travel if you do not comply with the PETC animal limitations (max. 8kg including transport).

The following is an indicative list of the most common brachycephalic dog and cat breeds:

Dogs: Boston Terrier. Bulldog francés, Bóxer, Lhasa Apso, Grifón de Bruselas (Pequeño Brabanzón), Chin Japonés (Chin, Spaniel Japonés, Pug Japonés), Bullmastiff, Pequinés, Bull Terrier, Pug, Pug o Carlino, Shar Pei, Chow Chow, Shih Tzu, Pug holandés (Mopshond, Mops Hund, Carlino), Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Bulldog inglés, Mastiff /Mastín napolitano, Toy spaniel inglés (Spaniel del Rey Carlos), Dogo de Burdeos

Cats: Burmés, Exóticos, Himalayas, Persas

There are different discharge documents that the passenger must carry when presenting at the airport, depending on their condition in the transport.
Check if you require medical assistance or your condition falls into these categories as a medical case:

M1. Passengers needing extra oxygen or other medical equipment or other facilities on board. A medical certificate will be required to justify it, and they will have to notify the operator with a minimum of 24 hours in advance.

M2. Passengers who need to travel on a stretcher. Ver sección “Personas con movilidad reducida (PMR)” pregunta 5.

M3. Premature babies. No baby of less than 7 days will be transported under an air transport regime. Ver sección “Embarazadas y transporte de bebé”.

M4. Pregnant women, if the pregnancy status exceeds 32 weeks at the time of the flight or problematic pregnancies. Ver sección “Embarazadas y transporte de bebé”.

M5. Passengers of the Canary Islands health service in transfer.

M6. Passengers not included in these groups, with non-contagious, acute or chronic, medical or surgical diseases, which due to their characteristics at the time of the flight can be admitted on board at the discretion of authorized doctors, because it is not foreseeable that transportation can be cause of aggravation or death.

    Documentation to provide:
  • •If you are a medical case on board (passenger whose health status is questionable both for reasons of own risk and risk to others) will require authorization from the previously requested company as indicated in this section. Submit form MEDIF completed.

  • • In the case of sick passengers who are not medical cases (described above) and who can fly by prescription, the form will be required INCAD (en castellano), INCAD (in english) cumplimentado.

  • • Passenger who is a frequent traveler with an established medical condition, and who has previously requested an initial medical authorization, may use a FREMEC.

About us

Canaryfly has an important role in the life of more than 50 thousand canaries that fly with the company every month and benefit from the best prices in transport between islands.

Offering the best prices throughout the year and on all their routes, the canaries can easily move between the islands with Canaryfly, which favors and supports the development of the Canary Islands. This is the company's mission and what drives them to improve day by day.

In January 2017, Canaryfly achieved the prestigious ISO 9001 Quality Management System certification and also the ISO 14001 environmental certification, in the Environmental Management System.

The quality management certificate that Canaryfly has obtained covers all the processes related to the organization and management of flights, both on land and by air: billing, programming, planning and execution. In addition, ISO 9001 accredits the experience, training and training of airline employees.

For its part, certification based on the requirements of ISO 14001 recognizes Canaryfly's commitment to resource management optimization, the reduction of the impact derived from its activity and the implementation of other criteria to reinforce its responsibility with environmental protection.

In February 2018, Canaryfly has been recognized again for its excellence, on this occasion regarding occupational health and safety with the OHSAS 18001 Certification.

We encourage you to fly with Canaryfly and help us grow together with the Canarian society, communicating and sharing our philosophy.

We want to be your travel companion.

ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification Plane ATR 72

The opportunity you have been looking for

Our company is formed by a dynamic, young, and above all a very professional team. We work every day to offer you a quality service, in a friendly, personalised manner.

Canaryfly we are social, respectful, collaborators and committed to Canarian society, efficient and trustworthy; taking care of people so that they feel they are members of a team in which you can be part of it..

Good luck!

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Canaryfly’s aircraft fleet is integrated exclusively by ATR72 turboprop, considered the best aircraft for short-term regional trips and therefore ideal for passenger transport between the Canary Islands, being comfortable and efficient aircraft with the environment..

The ATR is the aircraft, with less than 90 seats, most sold in the world since 2005.

Every 8 seconds, an ATR plane takes off or lands somewhere in the world.

Avión ATR 72

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Contract Conditions

1.- For the purposes of this contract, "ticket" means "passenger ticket and baggage check", of which the present "contract conditions" and the notices are part; “Contractual carrier” means any air carrier that transports or undertakes to transport the passenger and their luggage under this contract or to perform any other service related to said air transport; “De facto carrier” means any other carrier that performs all or part of the transport contracted with the contractual carrier and authorized by it; “Electronic ticket” means the Itinerary / Receipt issued by or on behalf of the contractual carrier, Electronic Coupons and, if applicable, a shipping document.

2.- Transportation carried out under this contract is subject to the liability rules applied by the Community Air Companies, in accordance with the Community Legislation and the Montreal Convention, Law 21/2003, of July 7, on Air Safety, Regulation (CE) 261/2004, Regulation (EC) 2027/97, ​​Directive 93/13 / EEC, and any other state, regional, community regulations or International Agreements that may apply.

3.- As long as it is not in contradiction with the above, all transport performed and other services provided by each carrier will be subject: 1) the provisions contained in this ticket. 2) the applicable rates. 3)the transport conditions established by the carrier and related regulations that are part of this contract and that can be consulted in the offices of the carrier.

4.- The carrier's name may be abbreviated on the ticket, provided that the full name and its abbreviation appear in the manuals, transport conditions, regulations or schedules of the carrier.
The carrier's address is that of the departure airport on the ticket in front of the first abbreviation of the carrier's name; the agreed stops are those points that are indicated on this ticket or that appear in the carrier's schedules as scales provided in the passenger's itinerary; the transport to be carried out under this contract by several successive carriers will be considered as a single operation.

5.- Within the provisions of the regulatory regulations, the transport ticket may be issued, either directly by the Company itself or through third parties through an agent.

6.- Any exclusion or limitation of liability of the carrier resulting from them in accordance with the applicable regulations, It will be applied and will benefit its agents, employees and representatives, including those who in their case operate aircraft in favor of the Company and the agents employed and representatives of those when acting in the exercise of their functions.

7.- Checked baggage will be delivered to the carrier of the baggage check. In the case of damage to luggage, the appropriate claim must be submitted in writing to the carrier immediately after the damage is discovered, or at most, within 7 days of the delivery date; In case of delay, the claim must be submitted within 21 days of the date the luggage was delivered.

8.- This ticket is valid for transportation for one year, from the date of issuance unless otherwise stipulated in the ticket itself, in the carrier rate manuals, in the transport conditions or in the applicable regulations. The price of the ticket * for transport performed under this contract is subject to change before the trip begins, without prejudice to the faculty of unilateral termination by the user. The carrier may refuse to carry out the transport if the applicable fare has not been paid.

*The cost of the fuel, the rates and taxes applicable at the time of issuance of the air ticket may undergo subsequent changes that result in the modification of the ticket price.

9.- The carrier undertakes to make every effort to transport the passenger and luggage with reasonable diligence. In case of need, the carrier can be replaced with the initial forecast, by other carriers, use other aircraft and modify or suppress stopovers provided on the ticket. Times are subject to change. The carrier does not assume the responsibility of guaranteeing the links, except in cases that were due to cause directly attributable to the carrier and in the cases provided by law.

10.- The passenger must meet the requirements of the regulations in relation to travel and present the departure documents, Entrance and other required, as well as arriving at the airport at the time indicated by the carrier, or, if none had been fixed, with sufficient notice that allows you to complete the departure procedures and be at the boarding gate indicated before the Flight Acceptance Deadline.

If the passenger does not arrive at the check-in desk well in advance to allow him to complete the documentation for boarding, as well as emigration and security procedures, as appropriate, or do not provide the necessary documentation for the trip, the carrier can cancel the reservation. The departure of the plane will not be delayed by passengers arriving late (in the opinion of the carrier) to check in.

In this case, the carrier is not responsible for the damages that result from the passenger not having fulfilled the indicated requirements.

The time needed to complete all the procedures of billing, security, emigration and those that may be imposed by the Authorities, may vary depending on each passenger and each airport. In case of doubt, it is advisable to request the information in advance from the carrier, its agents or the airport authorities.

11.- The air transport company will inform passengers, through its sales channels, of the identity of the operating airline (s) when they are different from the air transport company.

12.- For the exercise of the actions derived from this transport contract, both parties submit to the jurisdiction of the Commercial Courts and Courts of the place where the company has its domicile, expressly waiving another jurisdiction that may correspond.

Compensation and Advance in case of death or passenger injury

There is no economic limit set for liability in case of injury or death of the passenger. For damages of up to 113,100 SDR (*), the airline may not challenge claims for compensation. Above that amount, the airline can only challenge a claim if it can prove that there was no negligence or lack of any other. In the event of the death or injury of a passenger, the airline must pay, within 15 days from the date of identification of the person entitled to compensation, an advance to cover immediate economic needs. In case of death, this advance may not be less than 16,000 SDR (*).

Responsibility of the airline with which the service has been contracted and of the company in charge of the effective provision

If the airline in charge of the flight is not the same as the contracting airline, the passenger may make a complaint or a claim to any of them. If the name or code of an airline is included on the ticket, that is the contracting airline.

Claims Deadlines

Any claim before a court must be submitted within two years of the arrival of the aircraft or the day the aircraft should have arrived.

Delays (in the definition and terms provided by the international regulations and conventions that apply) In case of delay, the airline is responsible for the damage provided that it has not taken reasonable measures to avoid the damage. Liability in case of passenger delay is limited to 4694 SDR (*) in accordance with the Montreal International Convention of 1999. In accordance with the European regulation contained in Regulation EC 261/2004 the company, in these cases, will be obliged to offer the necessary assistance according to the parameters established in the aforementioned regulation, It should be borne in mind that the company's liability can be limited or excluded in cases where the delay was caused by extraordinary circumstances that could not have been avoided even by taking all reasonable measures.

Delay, destruction, damage or loss of luggage.

In case of delayed luggage, the airline is responsible for the damage provided that it has not taken all reasonable measures to avoid the damage or has been unable to take such measures. The responsibility in case of delay of luggage is limited to 1131 SDR (*) The airline is responsible in case of destruction, loss or damage of luggage up to the amount of 1131 SDR (*) With respect to checked baggage, it is liable even if it is free of fault, unless the baggage was already damaged. The carrier may limit its responsibility when the luggage contains fragile, valuable, or perishable items, and that, in their own handling, suffered normal and unavoidable wear.If the checked baggage has been damaged, delayed, lost or destroyed, the passenger must notify it immediately, before leaving the arrivals area, at the counters of the airline (or if it did not have an airport presence at its handling agent or representative) at the airport itself. If the damaged luggage is checked baggage, the passenger will indicate it in writing within 7 days and in the case of delay, 21 days, in both cases from the day on which the luggage was made available to the passenger. For certain types of items, the passenger can benefit from a higher limit of liability, making a special declaration at the latest at the time of check-in and paying a supplementary fee, being able to consult the conditions and rates to the airline.

Hand luggage

As hand luggage a piece is allowed whose dimensions (height + width + length) do not exceed 45x35x25 and whose total weight does not exceed 6 kg. More restrictive measures may be applied due to capacity limitations. Regulation (EC) 1546/2006 establishes new security measures at European airports and regulates the transport of liquids.

(*) The equivalence of the Special Drawing Rights (SDR) is set by the International Monetary Fund and is updated daily. Currently the value of 1 euro equals 0.85 SDR. Las cantidades aparecidas en el presente documento son las establecidas por los convenios internacionales y demás normativa de aplicación a fecha de 30 de diciembre de 2009,The amounts appearing in this document are those established by international conventions and other applicable regulations as of December 30, 2009, these amounts being subject to the possible variations introduced by the agreements and other reference regulations.


Regulation (EC) 261/2004 of February 11, 2004, establishes common rules on compensation and assistance to air passengers in case of denied boarding and cancellation or long delay of flights.

Likewise, the air carrier will provide to each of the passengers to whom the boarding has been denied, a form indicating the compensation rules for denied boarding.


Right to deny transport

For security reasons, the carrier will deny the transport of any passenger or their luggage according to an exercise of reasonable discretion if it is determined that:

• Such denial is necessary to avoid breaching laws, regulations or orders of any country or territory to which the passenger flies or in which he embarks or on which he flies; or

• The conduct, age, physical or mental condition of the passenger is such that it requires special care from the carrier that cannot be guaranteed; or

• Causes inconvenience or raises objections from other passengers; or

• It involves a danger or a risk to the passenger himself or to other persons or property; or

• That such action becomes necessary as a result of the passenger refusing to follow the instructions of the carrier; or

• The passenger refuses to follow the safety instructions; or

• Ticket prices or taxes or other amounts have not been paid or meet the agreements in terms of credit between the carrier and the passenger; or

• The passenger does not have documentation for the trip; or

• The passenger appears to be trying to enter a country where he transfers; or

• The passenger can destroy their documentation during the trip; or

• The passenger refuses, if required by the crew to deliver their documentation against the delivery of a receipt; or

• The ticket…

• It has been obtained illegally or buyer from an entity other than the carrier itself or its Authorized Agents; or

• It has been reported lost or stolen; or

• It is a fake ticket; or

• Any of the flight coupons, physical or electronic, has been altered by anyone other than the carrier or its Authorized Agents, or a coupon has been mutilated and the carrier reserves the right to retain the printed ticket; or

• The person presenting the ticket cannot prove to be the ticket holder.


If the conduct of a passenger on the plane endangers the plane or any person or their belongings, or if such a passenger obstructs the crew's obligations or refuses to follow the instructions of that one, or its behavior creates conflicts with other passengers, the carrier can take the necessary measures so that the passenger ceases in said attitude, including the immobilization of the passenger.

Once on the plane, the passenger cannot operate radio devices, electronic games or transmission devices, including remote control toys, walkie-talkies or mobile phones(that will be off during the entire flight). The passenger may not operate with any other type of electronic device on the plane, without the permission of the carrier. The exception to this rule applies to portable recorders, hearing aids or pacemakers, which can work.


The carrier will not be responsible for any assistance or information to the passenger in obtaining documents or for compliance with the laws, regulations, orders, requests and requirements given to the passenger by any employee or Carrier Agent, whether it is in writing or by any means, or for the consequences that may arise from failure to obtain the documents or that does not comply with the aforementioned laws, regulations, orders, requests, requirements, rules or instructions.

The passenger must always act according to the laws, regulations, orders and requests of the countries of destination, of origin and passage and in accordance with the rules and instructions of the carrier.

Travel Documentation

The passenger will present all the documents of entry, exit, health or any other that is required by the laws, regulations, orders, requests or requirements of the affected countries and allow the carrier to make and keep copies of them. The carrier reserves the right to refuse transportation to any passenger who does not comply with the laws, regulations, orders, requests or requirements or if the documents are not valid or that does not allow the carrier to make and keep copies of said documents.

Entry refusal

The passenger will be obliged to pay the amounts that are applicable when the carrier, by order of the corresponding Authority, is required to return the passenger to his place of origin, or to any other place, because the passenger is not admitted to enter the country, whether it is transit or its final destination. The carrier will not reimburse the passenger the price paid by him for the concept of transportation to the point of refusal of entry or deportation.

Passenger responsible for the payment of Fines, Detention Costs, etc..

If the carrier is obliged to pay any fine or penalty, or must make a deposit or pay any expenses as a result of the passenger not complying with the laws, regulations, orders, requests or requirements to travel from any of the affected countries, or for the failure of the passenger to present the necessary documents, the passenger must reimburse the amounts paid, deposited or any other expenses incurred. The carrier may use all the funds or payments of the passenger for unrealized transport or any sum that the passenger may have at that time.


The price of this ticket may include taxes and fees that have been established on air transport by government authorities. These taxes and fees, which can configure a significant portion of the cost of air transport, will be discriminated in the “TAXES” box of the ticket. It may also require the passenger to pay fees or taxes that have not been previously charged.


If you have your place reserved and for some reason you could not use it, please proceed to the cancellation of it. This will facilitate the trip to another passenger, as well as the possible penalty for not canceling your reservation on time.


For safety reasons in the passenger's luggage there should be no dangerous items, such as:

• compressed gases (intensely refrigerated, flammable, non-flammable, poisonous) such as butane, oxygen, liquid nitrogen, bottles of compressed air for diving.

• corrosives: acids, alkalis, mercury and wet electric accumulators.

• explosives: ammunition, fireworks and flares.

• flammable liquids and solids: fuels, MATS, paints, thinners and lighters.

• radioactive materials

• wallets or briefcases with built-in alarm systems.

• oxidizing materials: such as lime chloride and peroxide.

• poisonous and infectious substances: such as insecticides, herbicides and live viruses.

• other dangerous items: magnetized, unpleasant or irritating materials.

In limited quantities you can take medicines and toiletries needed for the trip, such as hair spray, perfumes or medicines containing alcohol. Many of the mentioned items can be transported as a MERCHANDISE if they are packed according to the regulations. Request additional information if necessary. The company may refuse to transport certain products if, in view of their size, shape, characteristic or weight, they cannot be considered as luggage.


Certain special items such as money, jewelry, precious metals, computers, personal electronic devices, negotiable documents, business documents of special value, passports and identification documents may not be transported as checked baggage.


The passenger must pick up their checked luggage as soon as it is available for it at the points and places destined for it. If the passenger does not collect their luggage in a reasonable period of time, the carrier may impose a storage cost. If the passenger does not collect the luggage within 3 months after the luggage has been made available, the carrier may dispose of it without liability to the passenger, if I claimed after that date.


The flight acceptance deadline is the minimum time in advance of the official scheduled departure time of the flight, indicated on the ticket, in which the passenger must have been admitted to the flight, have your luggage checked, be in possession of the boarding pass and be at the boarding gate. After this time limit the flight will be closed.

The carrier does not incur any responsibility for the non-acceptance of the passenger when he is present on an already closed flight.

THE MINIMUM TIME OF ACCEPTANCE OF PASSENGERS ON THE FLIGHT FOR ALL CANARYFLY SERVICES IS 30 MINUTES. If any of those flights is not of CANARYFLY or you travel from an airport outside the Spanish territory, request from your issuing agent the presentation deadline at the departure airport.

Upon arrival at transit points, passengers are kindly requested to check the reservations of their next stopover, or of the return trip, and communicate their temporary address or a contact telephone number to the carrier in order to be advised of any information that might interest you.


In accordance with the provisions of paragraph J) of paragraph 2, of article 7 of Royal Decree 192/1988 in the wording given by Royal Decree 1293/1999 Smoking is not allowed on commercial flight aircraft whose origin and destination is in National territory.


No agent, employee, administrator or representative of CANARYFLY has the authority to alter or modify any of the Conditions of the Contract mentioned herein or the CANARYFLY regulations or to waive them.


These Conditions of Contract were originally written in Spanish and may be submitted translated into other languages. In case of conflict between these versions and the original in Spanish, it will be the latter that prevails.


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The Gran Canaria airport is located in the Bay of Gando, 18 kilometers from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, capital of the Island, and 25 kilometers from the southern part of the Island, where the main tourist areas are located.

How to get?

Public transport: bus line 60, from the capital Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, and line 66, from the Maspalomas Lighthouse, the main tourist center of the Island.

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Lanzarote Airport, also known as Guacimeta, is 5 kilometers from Arrecife, capital of the Island

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La Palma airport is located 8 kilometers from its capital, Santa Cruz de La Palma.

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Located to the north of the Island, in the municipality of San Cristóbal de La Laguna, the airport is only 10 kilometers from the capital, Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

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Public transport: bus line 102 from Santa Cruz de Tenerife, capital of the Island, and Puerto de la Cruz and La Laguna, tourist centers of the Island.

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Public transport: line 6 connects the capital of the island with the airport.


Yes, with the Full Rates * you can make any type of change (date, time, etc.) no penalty, whenever the fare is available at the same price as your original ticket, if it is not available and there is a higher fare you will have to pay the difference.

*In theFares Completa There are two rates with different prices. As an example, for a Canarian resident with the route Gran Canaria – Fuerteventura we found within the Fares Completa Fare Y (15€) and FareB (18€).

You can make all the changes directly in the My Reservations section of our website and App,Calling the Call Center, going to the sales office at the airport or your Travel Agency.

Yes, with the Promotional Rates you can request1 change per trip in date and time. These changes will be subject to the conditions of your purchased Rate:

Up to 7 days before flight departure. All Promotional Rates admit this change of date and time by paying only2€*.

In the 7 days before the flight departure. Only with the Fares Reducida you can make this change by paying 5€*.

*Whenever the fare is available at the same price as your original ticket, if it is not available you will have to pay the difference.

You can make these changes through:

• Call Center 928 01 85 00.

• Canaryfly Sales Offices at airports.

• Your Travel Agency.

If the passenger's name on the ticket does not match the identification he presents, he may not be admitted to boarding. Therefore, if you have detected errors in the name of your ticket, contact Canaryfly immediately, either by calling the Call Center or going to the sales offices, and we will find a solution as soon as possible.

All our rates, including promotional rates, allow you to take free of charge: 1 hand bag up to 6 kg and 1 checked bag up to 23 kg.

Yes, you can change flights from one airline to another, without cost or penalties for reservations at Canaryfly's Full fare and at Binter's Fleximás and Flexible fares.

The change must be requested at the airport at any of the offices or check-in counters or through the Call Center of both companies, always within 2 hours before the new flight and within 2 hours ahead and 2 hours behind of the original flight.

Attention: If you already have your boarding pass you must first go to the company with which you made the management to request its cancellation and then make the change with the airline you want.